Matthew Lee*Design & Development

Why, hello there.

I’m Matt, a designer web designer front-end developer front-end designer UI/UX developer anything but React gf!bf&uh!jk@hj&3&h*

Let’s just go with “designer.”

I’m a happy generalist who does a lot of designing through code. With a background ranging from print design to user experience to front-end development, I now spend most of my time building digital publications and online editorial experiences.

I currently work with the fine folks at Upstatement in Boston where I’m the Design Lead of Release Team, focusing on the long-term evolution of websites. We’re a client services model of product design for organizations without in-house digital teams, working with clients for months or even years. I’ve been lucky to help a wide range of projects grow over time as we learn about the user needs of readers and editors alike.

If you’d like to chat about typography, modular Sass, bocce technique, weird amaros, or the finer points of homemade pierogi, don’t hesitate to say hi via email or Twitter. I’m from the Midwest, so I’m predisposed to chattiness.

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